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Graduation gift throw blankets and personalized graduation throws for high school commencement and college graduation presents. Choose a Graduation 2016 throw blanket for a high school graduation gift or from over 50 college and universities across the country. Looking for a present for someone in the medical profession? Throw Blankets are a unique gift idea for the graduate teacher, nurse graduate police academy graduation gift, or law school graduate.

Military graduate gifts for Army boot camp graduation, Navy graduation, Marine, Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard. Personalization is available for all graduation gifts, Keepsakes Etc can ship your graduation gift nationwide with a complimentary gift bag with your personal message.

The ultimate graduation gift idea: A throw afghan for the 2016 graduate......

Have you a high school or college graduate on your gift list this season? Stumped on what to give? Why not give a personalized graduation gift of a graduation throw. The gift is sure to be used to adorn either a first apartment or dorm room and will remind the newly graduated how much they are appreciated. (And when the high school student gets homesick, all he has to do is survey his special personalized graduation gift. It's like receiving a long-distance hug!)

You can search the local malls and specialty shops and not find the selection of graduation gift ideas as large, affordable and beautiful as Keepsakes, Etc. has online. Click on the items below to experience the array of colors, textures and messages to make that special college graduation memorable. There's no better way to help a person remember a lifetime achievement as a graduation from a police academy then with a throw afghan marking the occasion.

A ritual of spring - graduation day!
Remember it with a special 2016 graduation gift!

Every spring hundreds of thousands of graduates - from high school to college to professionals - complete their schooling with a mixture of pride and sadness. Pride at having withstood the rigorous coursework, sadness at the closing of a very special chapter in their lives.

Graduations are surrounded with a bevy of rituals and symbols. The most symbolic of these is the graduation gown dating back to the ancient Celts. Within the Celt society were priests, called Druids. Only the Druids wore caps with hoods symbolizing their authority and superior knowledge in the sciences and nature.

Later, in the middle ages, many academicians wore the hooded capes in the large drafty universities as a way of trying to stay warm. It's only natural then that those who have graduated or are graduating with the highest academic degree - the doctorate are awarded a hooded gown.

Our modern society updated the idea of the gown somewhat, adding colors to the edge of the hood which denotes areas of specialization. If a graduate's hood is outlined in white, he specialized in arts and letters. Gold indicates the specialty of science and a brown hood denotes an advanced degree in fine arts.

You can tell the graduate on your list just how appreciated he is with a personalized graduation gift of a throw blanket. Our "Class of 2016" is fittingly proper adorned with a stately mortarboard and a diploma. Fitting as a high school graduation gift or for a college graduation. Gift of love, chosen with care. That's exactly what it'll say when it's monogrammed. Let Keepsakes Etc. show your graduate how much you care.

Don't forget the professional graduates - doctors, lawyers, teachers! Graduation throw afghans aren't just for high school or college. Any professional, having worked hard at his chosen field and finally graduating would appreciate a lifelong remembrance of that special day with a graduation throw.

Keepsakes Etc. has the perfect graduation gift for the teacher fresh out of college. A whimsical classroom setting can be enhanced with a line or two of personalized embroidery. And even the toughest new police officer melts when confronted with a police academy graduation gift from Keepsakes, Etc.

Included too in our fine collection of high quality throw blankets are graduation gifts for doctors, as well as for the newly graduated person from the military. Graduation gifts this personalized, this beautiful are hard to come by. You can also be sure that the college graduation gift or the high school graduation gift you choose from Keespsakes Etc. will neither go unappreciated or un used!

And remember that each gift in this section can be monogrammed and all of our fine presents can be sent not only with a personalized message, but also a complimentary gift bag.