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Wall tapestry, tapestry wall hangings, unique domestic and elegant fine European wall decor. Wall tapestry accessories for decorating: tapestry tassels, tapestry rods, and wall tapestry finials for home office decor. The art of wall tapestry design with its strong colors and majestic borders will bring beauty, tradition, and elegance to any room's decor or place of business.

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How to hang a wall tapestry?
Define and enhance your room décor with the addition of a fine domestic or European wall tapestry.

Tapestry wall hangings arrive with a 3-4 inch rod pocket sewn on the reverse side for installation. Tapestries may be hung with either a metal adjustable rod similar to a curtain rod, with decorative hardware finials on each end in a choice of spiral, fleur de lis – black or antique, black diamond, savannah bronze or antique pineapple. These rods will arrive complete with the necessary hardware brackets for hanging your new wall décor. Additionally, custom cut wood rods with wall brackets and a pair of finials are available in light and dark wood stains, in a variety of classic designs to match every home decorating style.

To enhance the dimension of your wall tapestry the brackets should protrude 2-3 inches from the wall. The wall tapestry itself should stop just at the point where the finial is attached to the rod. For an added touch, a luxurious colorful satin and rayon tassel can be placed between the end of the tapestry hanging and the start of the decorator finial. Tassels may be hung double or single depending on your personal style.

A properly hung wall tapestry will allow you to create an intimate, inviting atmosphere that your family and guests will truly appreciate.

What are wall tapestries made of?
Tapestries are of the highest quality utilizing natural cotton fiber in each and every wall hanging. Wall tapestries are both fun and functional, sharpen the acoustics of a room, and have a dimensional texture that is enchanting. Tapestry design is now available in tapestry throws, afghans, blanket throws, and tapestry pillows reflecting today’s lifestyle.

The History of wall tapestries:
The history of tapestry weaving is continuous. The Latin name for tapestry (tapetium) is taken from the Greek. Egyptian tomb paintings clearly depict weavers working on a tapestry-type loom. Evidence of tiled and mosaic floors would suggest that their works of art were wall hangings and rugs made to adorn the floors in medieval times. Tapestries were one of the most important forms of artistic expression, commissioned particularly in the early middle ages, to depict religious scenes. Royalty commissioned scenes from victorious battles, tournaments and hunts and even used tapestries as ransoms after battles. Towards the end of the fourteenth century, individual workshops appeared in various parts of Europe, especially in central France, where artisans would receive commissions from castles, monasteries, merchants and wealthy farmers. The French had the greatest and most influential factory employing some 800 artists and weavers working to produce tapestries solely for King Louise XIV. 

Today, modern jacquard looms, using the same techniques as those used in centuries past, produce reproductions of traditional tapestries. See how centuries of textile wall art tradition, combined with a beautiful mix of textures, colors, designs and contemporary art can enhance your home decorating style.

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