Valentine's Day

Valentine's DayHappy Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

Unique Valentine's Day gift throw blankets and heart shaped pillows. Love Poem, Roses, and personalized I Love You Always, are the theme on these Valentine decor afghan throw blankets.

Keepsakes Etc can ship nationwide, a Valentine gift to your special someone in a complimentary gift bag with an enclosure card.

Unique Valentine Heart Gifts
That are as lasting as your love.

This year give a heart gift that hugs your true love - even when you can't.  With a personalized Valentine blanket from Keepsakes, Etc. you can wrap your arms around our love whenever she's cold and lonely.

While the beauty of roses may fade and the sweetness of candy will disappear, a heartfelt blanket -personalized for your love - in a Valentine décor reminds her of your love for years to come.  Why not really surprise your Valentine with a matching heart-shaped pillow?

The History of Valentine's Day
As you browse through our collection of heart shaped gifts, you're continuing a tradition that harkens back to the fifth century in Rome.  This mid-winter holiday is named for Valentine, a Christian who secretly and defiantly married Roman soldiers and their fiancés.

Under the rule of the Roman emperor Claudius, it was illegal for soldiers to marry.  Men with wives and families, according to Claudius, made poor soldiers.  Eventually Claudius discovered Valentine's actions and imprisoned him.  If this were the end of the tale, it would qualify as a romantic story, but the
story doesn't end here.  Because Valentine, who married countless numbers of young people, discovered true love in the most unlikely of places - jail.

He fell madly in love with the blind daughter of his jailer.  And legend says that it was the depth of his love and the force of his faith that miraculously restored his young love's sight.

Valentine died shortly after that, but in his final note to her he signed it, "From your Valentine."  And we've been using that magical phrase ever since.

Indeed, Valentine showed the world that "Love bears all things, endures all things, believes all things.  Love never ends."  And you too can convey that message with our unique valentine gift throw blanket.  Red roses frame this verse from the New Testament book or Corinthians, exquisitely placed on a carmel background.

But that is only of many heart shaped gifts - there are Valentine pillows that will tell her she has your heart. Valentine's day blankets splashed with red hearts.  Even a Valentine's Day tapestry throw and matching heart shaped pillow with the endearing image of "Valentine Bear."

And the beauty of Valentine décor is that it can adorn a home all year long, unlike flowers that wilt, candy that gets eaten or cards that may get tossed aside. So if you're looking for a unique Valentine gift, just click on the images above.  We'll be glad to play cupid for you.  We'll personalize a throw blanket, wrap it lovingly in a gift bag and enclose a card with your thoughts. Just let us know how we can help!   We're as close as a click away.  And you can always call us at 1.888.815.3455.

And Happy Valentine's Day!