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Wedding throw blankets, great wedding gift idea for the bride and groom on their special day.

Honor the Bride and Groom
Create an Heirloom with a Monogrammed Wedding Throw

A wedding is a sacred and solemn occasion when two people unite and vow to love each other forever.  It's the start of a new household and a new family. What better way to celebrate this new life together  with a present that would help create a cherished tradition and heirloom for the bride and groom with a one-of-a-kind embroidered wedding throw?

A personalized wedding blanket from Keepsakes, Etc. will make that very special day even more memorable.  With the variety you'll find below, you'll be sure to find that special embroidered wedding throw that will fit the new couple perfectly.  Choose from an Irish wedding gift with a traditional poem, an Native American gift and traditional saying, or give the handsome couple a personalized wedding blanket.  In any case, each choice expresses how much you
care and creates a lasting treasure.

Origins of some common wedding customs Ever wonder why the modern wedding is the way it is?  Why is there a best man and the wedding party?  What is the origin of the wedding bouquet?  And why do we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand?  The answers to these questions are not nearly as romantic as we may like, but they certainly are interesting.

The best man tradition goes back to ancient days when primitive civilizations literally captured and kidnapped a woman and forcibly made her "marry" the man. The man "hunting for a wife" as it were would take a companion to help with the abduction.  By extension, the groomsmen and ushers originate when more than one companion was sought to help capture the bride.  The young man would enlist the help of friends of family as they set out to find a woman to bring home.

And the history of the bride's beautiful wedding bouquet?  Would you believe the first bouquets were really bunches of herbs, grains and garlic.  These were thought to ward off evil spirits as she walked down the aisle.  Flowers -- a much more aromatic tradition -- eventually replaced the garlic and herbs, and are the symbols of fertility and everlasting love.

Wedding rings were used by the ancient Egyptians, who choose the fourth finger on the left hand because they believed that there was a vein on this digit that was directly connected to the heart.  The ring also symbolizes eternal love, since it is a never-ending circle.

The Ideal Wedding Gift:  A Monogrammed Wedding Afghan Help the bride and groom in your life to express that never-ending love by choosing from among a wide variety of monogrammed wedding throws.  Our unique Romeo and Juliet fleece throws are a unique set that uses a reference from Shakespeare to speak of undying love.  Similarly, we have a pair of personalized wedding blankets that display "His" and "Hers" and "King" and "Queen."  Each newlywed receives an individual present and together the two throws create a lovely and lasting heirloom as well as a elegant accessory to any room.

Parents of the betrothed couple? Searching for the parents gift? Wedding day romance will be enhanced with the soft colors and beautiful rendition of a bridal couple dancing with Keepsakes, Etc. "Always and Forever."  It's easy to make this a monogrammed wedding afghan with the names of the couple and the date of the happy event.  We can  embroider up to two lines in dark raspberry script.