Military Gifts
Personalized and embroidered U S military throw blankets. Embroidered military retirement gifts, personalized gifts for US military overseas.

All branch of the US military Throws, Tapestries and Blankets. US Army throw blankets, US Navy throws and blankets. Air Force throw blanket, American flag throws, Coast Guard blanket throws, US Navy and Air Force fighter plane throw blankets.

These are a perfect gifts for the brave men and women who proudly serve our country. WW II throw blanket, Camouflage throw blankets in desert and wood pattern fabric styles.

Make this a keepsake gift with embroidered personalization, US military gifts available with name, rank, and date. Additional charge of $7.50 per line.

The ideal military holiday gift idea?

These military gifts are perfect for your favorite armed-service patron whether you are looking for a military retirement gift, gift ideas for deployed military husband, or military holiday gifts.  A military blanket is a keepsake gift for any occasion. 

For your relatives or friends, all veterans will enjoy each one of these great military gift ideas.  In addition, for just $7.50 per line, you can create a personalized military gift for just the right person, including name, rank, and date for military retirement gifts, gift ideas graduation military or military deployments gifts. Be it Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, each military gift can be wonderfully displayed.  From the Revolutionary War to the present, each gift represents the branch of military unique to your military personal.

America began with a rich heritage in Philadelphia with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  From there, the history continues throughout the Civil War, where brother was pitted against brother.  Shortly thereafter, came World War I, in which Americans fought for freedom overseas.  This struggle continued during World War II against the Nazis led by Adolph Hitler.  Even in the present, there are battles that rage for freedom through Korea , the Cold War, Viet Nam , the Persian Gulf , and the War in Iraq .

For the history enthusiast there are great military gift ideas from the Revolutionary Period, Lewis and Clark , and the Civil War.  For aeronautics enthusiasts, there are wonderful depictions of helicopters, Navy aircraft carriers, war birds, the Civil Air Patrol, the Air Force Blue Angels, and the Thunderbirds for military gifts.  Navy enthusiasts can be pleased with the Submarine tapestry throw blanket, the Navy gift throw blanket and pillow, and the Aircraft Carrier Throw Blanket.  There is even a Women Military Gift Throw Blanket for our women serving in the military. 

Each one of these military throws will make an excellent remembrance to be displayed in any room of the house.  The military throw pillows will compliment any chair or couch in a den, library of office.  Gifts for the military, wherever they are used, will long be remembered.