Horse Tapestry Throws
Horse blanket throws and horse tapestry blankets. Horse theme gifts for horse lovers feature mare and foal, western horse show, wild horses, woven picture throw, horse stampede, bred to jump, unicorn, and carousel horses are pictured on blanket throws. Quality gift idea for young horse lover, gift for new horse lover, horse gifts for Christmas. Personalize or embroider these quality horse throws with family ranch, horse or stable name.

Keepsakes Etc. can be ship your horse themed gift nationwide in one of our complimentary gift bags with an enclosure card.

Quarter Horse Blanket Throw
Quarter Horse Blanket Throw
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Horses have a long and wonderful history throughout the world.  They have been bred and trained for thousands of years and they have been a mainstay in the world since the chariot.  Horses are one of the best-loved animals for people of all times, from the past to the present.  They aided in the exploration of the ancient world, and became a part of American life when they were introduced to the Americas in 1500. 

Horses have been used for riding, hunting, breeding, and often raised just for the love of the animal.  If you love the horses, or know someone who does, these unique gifts for horse people are perfect for anyone.  The Thoroughbred Picture Blanket, the Quarter Horse Blanket Throw, the Pinto Horse Blanket Throw, and the Arabian Horse Blanket Throw stunningly depict light horses in all their glory, and are perfect for any horse enthusiast. 

You can buy these unique gifts for horse people directly from Keepsakes Etc.  Each throw stylishly depicts the horse in all its beauty, and will create a perfect atmosphere for anyone interested in horse home décor.  Buy any of the depicted breeds, or pictures of horses in action and nature.  From Wild Horses to Equestrians, these pieces will impress any rider or horse lover.  Use any of these tapestry horse couch throws to liven up your home.  Or, for those who love carousels, buy a carousel throw as a unique gift for horse people.  Even fantasy lovers will enjoy the Unicorn Gift Tapestry Throw Blanket.  For any setting, the tapestry horse couch throws will beautify your home.  They are great to add to an existing collection, or the perfect start for your new collection. 

Most are 100% cotton, and washable, and many are beautifully fringed.  Each is perfect for a gift on any holiday or occasion.