Do Realtors give gifts at closing?

One of the most influential people in the process of acquiring a new home is the realtor.

As the realtor, you want to offer a closing gift to finalize the process and offer thanks to your new clients. You know how much hard work has gone into the process on both sides, long before the Sold Sign is put up.

Do realtors give gifts at closing? A closing gift is unmistakably a recommended business strategy, a gift card or flowers can go a long way. However, most agents don't give a gift to the buyer and pass on the opportunity to acquire future referrals.

Relaitor Giving Closing Gift

In real estate, referrals are the gold standard for acquiring new sales and positive social media reviews are not far behind. A positive online review is almost guaranteed if the agent closes the deal with a housewarming gift.

Realtor closing gifts make a fabulous and meaningful gesture to acknowledge a happy celebratory occasion. They also leave a lasting impression upon the sellers and buyers who receive them, letting them know that you are a friend rather than just a business acquaintance.

Tips for realtor closing gifts

Do not give a gift with your company name, logo and corporate branding on it. Your clients have seen enough documents emblazoned with this information. This is not the time to advertise and promote business, that side of the deal has already been dealt with.

You need to make your gift personal, memorable and most of all displayable. Clients must be able to show off your gift and keep it for years to come as a keepsake. It should bring back fond memories of this epic journey that you took with them.

Your gifts can range from large to small depending on finances. Choose something small a simple welcome doormat is a great idea. You can offer a delightful snack basket filled with chocolates, nuts, fruits, a bottle of wine and a personalized gift card. If you want to go big, stock up their fridge, arrange the moving company or throw a housewarming party!

Local gifts are great. Choose a gift that has meaning in their new environment, town or neighborhood. Buy a gift that comes from a local store, offer something unique that the area is known for perhaps a bottle of wine, a basket of local agricultural produce or a seaside memento.

Personalized gifts always make a lasting impression. A cozy, warm, fleecy blanket with the owners family name, emblem and date makes a treasured gift idea. Browse our website and choose a lovely blanket throw. We give the option to customize them with your own choice of words. Some blankets come with a ready-made verse; others offer a combination of a ready-made verse and a personalized message.

Keep in contact with your clients. After the move and the gift-giving, don't vanish. Let a few weeks pass and then give your clients a call to find out how they are doing and how they have settled in. As you are the area expert, you can always help with local contacts and advice. Keeping in touch can lead to more business. Clients may have friends or family wanting to move, a business colleague looking for a new home, a neighbor who is moving out and you want to be the person they call.

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