Police Officer Throw Blankets
Police officer prayer throw blanket. Personalization available for police officer recognition gift, police retirement gift. Monogram this item with years of service, department and rank. Unique police academy graduation gift.

Remember the heroics of those out there on the front lines with our police officer tapestries, afghans, throw blankets and cotton throw pillows. These throws, tapestries and pillows feature memorable depictions of the brave men and women who risk their lives daily for the sake of others.

Show your pride and respect as you display these police officer gifts in your home or office.  These beautiful depictions let us remember and honor those that have given so much of themselves every day, as they risk their lives for the betterment of ours.

Have a loved one who is a police officer? Give them one of these police officer gifts to let them know you pray for their safety; you can also personalize these gifts for police officers to add that special touch or lasting reminder that those that have passed are not forgotten.

Vibrantly detailed and full of color, these police officer gifts would make a wonderful way to show you care. Looking for a way to honor a retired officer, then display your pride by accessorizing any room with these vivid wall hangings depicting the police officers prayer and add a special touch with the available personalization for the perfect commemoration. Superiorly crafted and designed to last, these tapestries are heirloom quality. Your family is sure to hold onto these wall hangings and throws for generations to come.

Children will also fall in love with these warm pictures of strength and honor.  Whether they have a family member who is a police officer or look up to them in admiration dreaming of what they will grow up to be, a police officer’s prayer blanket would be the perfect way to present some of these positive role models and possibly inspire future heroes.  Do not forget that these police officer prayers are also available as throws, wall hangings, afghans and blankets and pillows.