Labrador Dog Blankets

Labrador Dog BlanketsLabrador dog tapestry throw blankets for chocolate, yellow and black labradors. Quality gift items that can be shipped nationwide in one of our complimentary gift bags, with your personal gift message for Happy Birthday, or holiday gift giving.

Personalization also available for an additional $7.50 per line up the 26 characters.

There are two different types of Labrador Retrievers one is the English Labrador and the second is the American Labrador. The difference is that the English Labrador has a thicker and heavier physical appearance where as the American Labrador is tall and lanky. Their coats are short, close fitting, hard and water resistant. The Labrador’s coat can come in the color; black, yellow and chocolate. The Labrador Retriever and extremely lovable, friendly, reliable and affectionate breed. Labradors absolutely love to play especially is the water and they are excellent swimmers. The American Labrador is often more high strung and energetic than the English Labrador, however they both have a lot of energy. The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in America because of its lovable temperament and they are great with children and as a family dog. The Labrador Retriever used to be known as “St. John’s dogs” and they are originally from Newfoundland, Canada where they were bred to jump overboard into icy water to haul in fisherman’s nets to shore. They were taken to England in the 1800s where their retrieving instincts were developed and fine-tuned. This breed has a wide range of talents that include; hunting, tracking, retrieving, watch dogging, police work, narcotics detection, a guide for the blind, a service dog for the disabled, for search and rescue, sledding, carting, agility, competitive obedience and of course as companion dogs. Wow! What an amazing breed!

At Keepsakes Etc. we have a fabulous array of throw blankets that truly highlight this fantastic breed, the Labrador Retriever. Our dog gift throw blankets picture the two breeds, the American Labrador and the English Labrador in their various colors, yellow, chocolate and black. Some of our dog gift throw blankets feature all three colors on one or you can choose from individual colors of the breed on one throw blanket. Labradors are so popular that most people definitely know someone who favors this breed and would enjoy a special dog gift that would emphasize their love of this breed.