Border Terrier Dog Tapestry Blanket and Pillow

The Border Terrier is a small breed their coat is wiry and coarse that can be available in a variety of colors including red and blue, tan, tan and grizzle.    Border Terrier’s have a mild temperament, they are very alert and with their stamina and obedient behavior they are excellent hunters have been bred for hunting.  When raising these Border Terrier pups, owners must be sure to socialize them at their young age because if you live in a city they can be skittish in cities, noisy areas and around a lot of people.  This breed likes to dig so be sure to have a secure fence because they will try to dig to get under the fence.  As an adult, Border Terriers mellow out but throughout their lives they still need plenty of exercise.  Border Terriers must not be in the same household or environment with hamsters, rabbits, or biras.  This breed is not good with cats either unless raised with one as a puppy.  The Border Terrier breed originated in the Cheviot Hills near the border between England and Scotland and were used to help farmers by killing foxes that would prey on their farm animals.  The Border Terrier became a recognized breed of the British Kennel Club in 1920 and the then in 1930 a member of the American Kennel Club.  Today, Border Terrier are most well known and used as agility competitors and trick dogs, hunters, watch dogging and tracking. 

An excellent Border Terrier gift for any dog lover is a Keepsakes Etc. tapestry throw.  Our Border Terrier gift is a tapestry blanket throw that pictures two Border Terriers on the hunt in a field.  It is jacquard woven and picturesque in a wooded mid day hunting scene.  Any Border Terrier owner that you know will love to receive this dog gift and will cherish it by either decorating their home or using it for functionality to keep warm and cozy throughout the seasons.