Border Collie Dog Tapestry Blanket and Pillow

Border Collie’ have a similar build to an Australian Shepard and they are little balls of energy.  Border Collie’s have two types of coats, sleek or coarse both are longhaired with black hair but they have brown and white markings on the undercoat and chest.  This breed is smart and it responds well to training, which makes its temperament good with other dogs and children.  With all of the energy and stamina that Border Collies have they are fierce competitors in agility competitions and in Frisbee trials as they aim to please their trainer/owner.  They live to serve their owner all day and every day and they need an owner who will spend a lot of time with them.  This breed is also known to be excellent in narcotics and bomb detection, police work, Seeing Eye dog and in search and rescue missions.  The Border Collie origin is from Northumberland on the Scottish/English border, believed to be a British droving breed that is mixed with Spaniel.  Throughout history and currently, Border Collies’ make excellent sheepdog and cattle herders as they are said to hypnotize and mesmerize them, which makes them such successful herders.  This amazing breed deserves an equally amazing owner. 

If you are searching for a Border Collie gift for any owner, trainer or dog lover, look no further.  At Keepsakes Etc. we have the perfect Border Collie gift, it is a jacquard woven tapestry throw that pictures the breed in a full body image with a picturesque and beautiful hilly and vegetative backdrop.  This Border Collie gift is sure to please and delight any owner as they can use this versatile gift as decoration or for relaxation.